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'Hey guys!'

'I am a German Voice Over Artist based in London. I have recorded for the likes of Nickelodeon and the National Geographic Channel to name a few. I have my own Studio equipment and produce for national and international companies.

I am also the co-founder of IROKi Films and write, direct, film, edit and animate.

-Irina is a German Voice Over Artist and Producer in Berlin. Her natural performance and unique voice make her an exciting voice choice. -


'In Germany I attended the 'Gymnasium' (German for college) where I successfully passed my A-Levels. The Gymnasium aims to prepare the students for university. However, I decided to start an apprenticeship at the comdirect bank to combine work and study to gain experience in a professional working environment from an early stage.

After my graduation, I went overseas to experience work and travel and started to participate in student films and drawing storyboards and painting with oil and acrylic. During my travels, I grew interested in the possibility to carve out a career in the film industry to combine my ability to draw and act out stories with my ability to sell an idea.

After my first experiences as an actress overseas, I returned to Germany and passed an acting course followed by a move to London to continue my studies. I trained at the Poor School, undertook private coaching lessons and enrolled at the Identity School of Acting and I was signed by a reputable voice over agent, Another Tongue.

In 2015 I co-founded IROKi Films, an independent film and animation production company with a fellow actor. Our aim was to bring together actors, writers and creatives to build content and a creative community.

As the driving force behind IROKi Films, I started to expand our content to animation, writing sketches, drawing storyboards and liaising with animators. I financed our first animated sketch, ‘The stone who had enough’, wrote and edited the sketch including drawing the backgrounds and compositing.

In September 2016, I took the opportunity to produce, film and edit 500x3, a crowdfunded documentary about two cyclists attempting to set a new world record for the Scotland 500 route. The ride was in support of the charities Alexander Devine and Spinal Research, and we raised over 8.000,00 GBP.

I have taught myself the use of editing, animation and illustration programs and frequently film with my Canon C100.

​I believe film and television to own an educational and cultural role in our society and they play an integral part in nurturing curiosity, expanding creativity and challenging points of view and processes.

My aim is to build a stronger foundation for actors and creatives from a less privileged background.'


Jan. 17, 1989
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