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I am very passionate about the job that I do and I am very hardworking. I am interested is many different spheres, starting from music which led me to sound engineering studies where I discovered filmmaking; continuing working in photography field since this is my passion since childhood; and ending in management in cultural sphere where I could discover how concerts are organised, as well as the whole journey of theatre or music production from the idea until the performance.
I am grateful for every experience that I gained and willing to continue my career in cultural and creative industries.

Work experience:
2018 April - 2018 October (part time)
Šeiko Dance Company (Klaipeda, Lithuania)
Position: theatre manager
Responsibilities: coordinating tours (dates, logistics, technical information), preparing technical riders, making small design works (banners, etc), communicating with artists, applying for festivals, writing applications for fundraising, taking care of other urgent jobs

2017 September - 2018 July (part time)
Klaipeda concert hall (Klaipeda, Lithuania)
Position: senior administrator
Responsibilities: making public procurements of technical equipment, music instruments and their repair, communicating with technical staff regarding technical equipment

2016 November - 2018 July (full time)
Klaipeda concert hall (Klaipeda, Lithuania)
Position: cultural activity manager for repertoire
Responsibilities: planning schedules for artists, realisation of technical requirements for events, preparing contracts and other documents, making estimates of expenditure, making public procurements of plane tickets, hotel and other expenses for artists, being on duty during events, communicating with artists, technical and supporting staff

Sound engineer assistant for concerts:
2018 May 3, dance-music performance “Four Seasons”, Klaipeda Culture Factory, Klaipeda
2018 April 29, dance-music performance “My Peter Man”, Menu Spaustuve, Vilnius
2017 October 21, concert “Subliminal Messages”, Klaipeda Concert Hall, Klaipeda;
2017 September 29, concert “City Life”, Klaipeda Concert Hall, Klaipeda;

* 2013 March - 2014 January (full time)
Photo Studio of Sergey Chumakov (Moscow, Russia)
Position: photographer, retoucher, designer
Responsibilities: retouching and preparing various pictures for printing using Adobe Photoshop, taking photographs of clients for documents, business card making

* 2012 September - 2013 March (full time)
Mosgorfoto (Moscow, Russia)
Position: designer-retoucher
Responsibilities: retouching and preparing pictures of pupils (portraits and class photos) for printing using Adobe Photoshop


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