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Lauren Whistler

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I come from a 2D design background but love to push boundaries in the 3D and conceptual realms. I am a lover of multimedia, technology, music and entertainment, and nature.

Growing up in New York fostered a strong work ethic and a sharp sense of style. I moved to California's San Francisco Bay in 2003 and became fascinated with innovative technology and design. I have a solid understanding of graphic design, social media, strategic digital and print marketing campaigns, and posses strong, focused skill sets that pertain to branding, identity, product development, web design and development, and internet marketing/advertising. I love using my design skills to solve real world and creative problems that can arise in any field or industry.

To me, design is a way of life. I enjoy using my talents to help bring together communities of people and to inspire movement and growth. I find inspiration in digital technology, nature, vibrant music, culture, and science. I enjoy creating clean, innovative designs that reach people on an emotional level and are aesthetically stimulating, and fresh.

I have created both commercial and non-commercial work for a wide range of clients from all over the world. I am an expert at Adobe CS tools as well as web design and development software. Additionally, my extreme attention to detail let me to become well versed in innovative and creative ways to improve internal workflow for companies like start-ups or small businesses to help boost productivity and keep organized in the digital age.

I am lucky to posses the unique ability to empathize deeply with my clients and can translate their initial concepts into strong, clean and compelling designs that have an important impact on people. In March of 2016 I traveled to Germany and am currently living and working in Berlin. Please use the email below for all job requests, quotes, or to get in touch with me directly. I look forward to working with you on your next project! //



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