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Kunstgießerei & Galerie Flierl

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The Art Foundry & Gallery Flierl was founded in 1992 by Marco Flierl in an old bakery in the middle of Prenzlauer Berg. Starting with only one employee was passion and risk at the same time. Meanwhile it’s a twenty years ongoing established project: in Friesickestraße 17, located in Berlin-Weißensee, an ideal working space for 10 employees was created.

Most of the art works are casted in bronze, but also iron, aluminum and silver moldings have been realized. The activities of the Art Foundry Flierl extend far beyond the foundry, molding and patina workshop: an open dialogue about contemporary sculpture is offered here, which finds itself in a variety of projects and exhibitions. The modern art market has led to an estrangement between the primary design of an art work and its production, between the model in casting and the completion of the metal sculpture. In order to overcome this, the Art Foundry Flierl works closely with the artists. In addition to design and production, the reception of the work by the audience takes one third of the art process.

To convey this, a workshop gallery was affiliated, which is one of the few places specialized in contemporary sculpture in Berlin: a showcase for modern art molding where new development features will be presented. Priority is given to sculptors from Berlin and the surrounding areas who are regular participants in the work process of the foundry. In the recent years, however, collaboration with sculptors from all over Europe is intensified.

The contribution comes mainly from the membership in sculpture network, an international NGO supporting contemporary sculpture in Europe, as well as international symposia. Since 2006 the molding symposium " “EL VUELO DE BRONCE - The flight of the bronce" has been organized by Marco Fierl. The name is a metaphor given to the collaboration between artists across the Atlantic, the flight of ideas, traditions, dreams and their realization. A courtyard party with observation of sculptures molding has become a tradition, a real highlight for art lovers and connoisseurs.

This year, the Art Foundry & Gallery Flierl celebrates its 20th anniversary. For this reason a big courtyard party is scheduled for May 4th, together with the opening of the exhibition "20 Years Art Foundry & Gallery Flierl". In a retrospective of works by the closest to the foundry artists will be presented small to large sculptures, medals, prints, paintings, object art, accompanied by a new publication with extensive photo material. For the future, the Art Foundry & Gallery Flierl is promising a stimulating discourse on sculpture and all levels of the practical realization of interdisciplinary artistic projects with international artists and art lovers.

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