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Are you are a creative dealing with the English language here in Berlin? I am offering English writing services to optimize your communication.

I would like to introduce myself to you as a writer and editor with extensive writing experience and a passion for words and publishing pertaining to the creative industries where I work combining my knowledge of creative and artistic subjects focusing on specialist topics. I have over 20 years of industry and academic experience my focus is on supporting practitioners in Art, Music, Film, Dance, Theater, Journalism and Literature projects.

It is so often that these fields require astute use of English for the means of conveying your message, if it be in publicity, websites, blogs, social media, grant writing, reports, essays, catalogs, magazine articles etc.
Your texts will often determine the perception and reception of your projects presentation therefore effective writing relating to your specialist field is a critical factor in the presentation of your initiatives and values. This is where optimum professional representation depends on your artful use of English text, grammar and ultimate choice of words.

As we all know in translation perspectives and concepts that we express sometimes get distorted. Let’s be honest, we have all cringed at how an incongruous google translated text can so often detract from or affect the credibility of otherwise exceptional artworks, music festivals, websites, artist biographies, film blurbs, curriculum vitae or start-up statement-of-intent in the past.

Do you often think about how English has become the intermediate language in a cross-cultural European creative ecology? what a flexible and creative intermediate language it can be, so let us at least use it well and participate in this linguistic evolution.
Working together we can ensure that you maintain a confluent and correct word-flow to your presentation which is vital to your public image and communication methods.

I am accessible to consult one-on-one in your studio or mine or I can correspond remotely and/or with collaborative partners in varied locations. I can deliver timely and effective work at very reasonable rates and I will be quick to learn, adopt and corroborate your mission if you are working in a specialist medium or creative field.

We can discuss your vision and mood, aesthetic and attitude of your text and shape the words accordingly to your ethos. If you would like to discuss a plan for your English language communication some of the services and support I can provide are:

*Proofreading, spelling and grammatical checking
*Writing original texts to a brief
*Expert professional final editing
*Authoring unique content
*Developing a communication toolkit and writing skills for you
*Formatting and layout
*Research and Oxford citation
*Editing and corroboration
*Transcription and translation
*English writing tutorials
*Critical analysis and constructive feedback on English linguistics and texts in any form
*Consultancy on all aspects of written communication
*Workshops in English writing for the creative sector
*Audio recording and English voice-over

Please drop me a line on
Let’s discuss how I could support and develop you English text.
Lane West.

We also run a as mall independent creative organization focusing on music event production, art exhibition installation management, composition, touring, sound, A/V and set design for dance. creative production and spatial design.


March 24, 1975
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