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LUCKY TRIMMER is an independent curatorial dance and performing arts platform engaged with physicality, movement and performance founded in Berlin in 2004. Since its inception, LUCKY TRIMMER has been regularly showcasing a selection of 7-8 short performances in bite-sized chunks; no more than 10 minutes each.

We spotlight both emerging and established performing artists with their most original ideas; Works that capture our hearts and minds, provoke and blaze new trails and contribute in the advancement and the diversity of the contemporary dance scene. 

LUCKY TRIMMER stands between worlds by bridging the avant-garde and the mainstream and by combining artistic excellence with the lightness of entertainment. With contemporary dance and its wide aesthetic spectrum as our primal inspiration, we consciously cross the boundaries of genres breaking down barriers between dance, theatre, performance, music, installation, acrobatics and others performative disciplines. The intentional juxtaposition and seemingly naive concatenation of short and diversified works create an atmosphere of artistic freedom underlain by the concept of the Child Mind. The concept is characterized by a lack of fear and expectation, the ability to lose one's self in the creative process, learning through play and experimentation. We inject wonder, humor and risk-taking into our attitude, benefiting both the artists and audience with new visions of possibility.


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