Museum für Islamische Kunst

Museum für Islamische Kunst

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The Museum für Islamische Kunst (Museum of Islamic Art) is situated in the south wing of the Pergamon Museum. Its permanent exhibition is dedicated to the art of Islamic peoples from the eighth to the nineteenth century. The works of art originate from a vast area stretching from Spain to India. The collection’s main focus is on the Middle East including Egypt and Iran.

The collection displays a broad spectrum of works including decor, applied arts and crafts, jewellery and a manuscript collection. The decor poses one of the major attractions, conveying typical concepts of spatial environment through various media: stone (the façade from Mshatta), stuccoes (archaeological finds from Samarra), painted wooden panelling (Aleppo Room) and wall ceramics developed through various techniques (prayer niches from Kashan and Konya).

The applied arts include works in all possible materials: ceramic vessels, metalwork, carvings in wood and bone, glass, textiles, carpets. Within the books and ancient writings area, the calligraphic works and miniatures from albums of Mogul times are of particular significance.

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