Nagual Dance: Your body is an orchestra

Nagual Dance is a singular piece of ground-breaking software that translates body movements into music and a dancing session into orchestral manoeuvres of infinite possibilities.
Using a 3D camera, Nagual Dance captures the bodily movements of one or two dancers and translates every move into music in real time. The movement doesn’t control effects on pre- recorded pieces of music, but allows each dancer to generate an individual song based on his dancing style and performance. It also features an ultimately fun and collaborative mode: creating music together with a friend. For the 2-player mode, the drums and percussion are performed by one dancer, while the other plays bassline and melodies.
Created by Nagual Sounds, this technology opens up the opportunity for everybody to express themselves in a new musical way.
It reverses the natural process of dancing. Instead of just reacting, dancers receive a direct musical feedback of every move, revealing an interesting cycle: you dance and create music, and music makes you dance.

Nagual Dance can not only be used for home entertainment but offers also a new way of expression for dance shows, dance and fitness classes, various fields of therapy and interactive installations.