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Olli Bery is a French freelance photographer.

During 10 years he has divided his time working as a socially engaged photojournalist in Europe and in the United States and as an industrial reporter for the French Media Agency Cerise Noire.

Being positioned on the high end sector, his knowledge and his work ethic are put in service in French television (as a consultant for the French TV-channels Canal+, France2, Canal Jimmy, M6 among others), in media and in cinema. He has also made numerous collaborations with various national European magazines.

In October 2009, he and his brother Philippe Bery created "Un Oiseau dans la Mains-films et instants", a film structure in constant visual evolution. This type of exposing photos allows him to complete his own photographic work with a more commercial approach yet without making any compromises.

His work has been exposed in London, Brussels and Arles in 2011 (during the OFF-festival and photographic encounters in collaboration with Yann Linsart and The Viewer webzine), and in Canada,Belgium and France in 2012.

He has also worked in all exclusive for different model agencies such as Dominique models, Woman Management and Ford Models Europe in Paris and Brussels.

Amen Ra and Oathbreaker are two Belgian bands he was in close collaboration with for whom he creates series of photographs and he has also made a music video for the American label Deathwish.

Now he is primarily working on Crusade book between France and Denmark


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