Crowdfunding Indiegogo: Wonderful tear- and waterproof paper wallets, designed and manufactured in B

As a completely self-financed offline start-up, we have the goal to bring together intelligent product design, exceptional and individual style as well as regional and sustainable production processes.

Now, we would finally like to produce new designs! And therefore we need your support. You can help us pre-financing our new line of designs. The complete amount collected through funding will be used for the production of the wallets. We will send your wallet directly to your doorstep about a month after the end of the campaign.

This way to the campaign:

Fits in every pocket!
Neon Designs

Which color do you prefer? Decorated and held together by a neon colored stitching! We would like to thanks our favorite sewing worker Svantje for her awesome work.

Crazily tearproof

6x thinner and 5x lighter than leather wallets.

Super thin!
Infinite Space!
Super nice!
Extremely Waterproof!
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