Marko "Rivoh" Pohlisch Photo: Rivoh

Marko "Rivoh" Pohlisch

Graffiti & Abstract Artist


I was born in Berlin in 1977. East Berlin to be precise. My youth fell in the middle of the turbulent "Wende" years. In the GDR everything was gray in complete contrast and complete overstimulation by light, colors and neon advertising in the West. That was also the time when I first saw graffiti and came into contact with graffiti.

1993 it went off then. "Instigated" by classmates caught me the graffiti virus fully. It's crazy how fast time goes by. Graffiti is art and art is graffiti. It is for me expression, attitude to life & passion. Just switch off, forget the world around you and only the focus on spray can, brush, paint.

If in the first years it was about "Fame" and "True to the Game", now my view has changed. Even if I occasionally swap the spray can and the wall for brush and canvas, even if it's not letters I paint, but design, abstract and wild, it is and remains for graffiti.

Rivoh, AirCrew
Berlin / Germany
Member of Artfactory-Graz




Visual Arts