TITS The Artist Photo: Aleks Slota

TITS The Artist

Working in Performance, Installation, Photography, Videography and Painting

Contact Data

ZIP, City
10967 Berlin


*contact me for collaboration or work - titstheartist@gmail.com*

I quit my finance career in 2013 to pursue art.

Making art allows me to make peace with myself, overcome disappointments and satisfy the ever-present curiosity. It provides me with a mechanism to dig deep within myself, which explains the autobiographical nature of my works.

My works are not mature. I like to experiment with different ideas, often linking the present with the past, whenever they resonated with me. You probably noticed the regular presence of objects, windows, walls and fixtures. My family is in the hardware store business. As a kid, I used to love playing in the store. ​

Besides surrounded by entrepreneurial men and building materials, I was very privileged to have been nurtured by strong and sensible women in the house. Their cooking, handcrafts and wisdom would soothe anyone's soul. I dedicate my works with patterns, flowers and topics of femininity to them.

And my work about Nature, that is for me. The mountains, the trees, they are all for me. I have been living in crowded cities all my life. It seems like no one has introduced nature to me, besides the Mother Nature herself.

At a personal level, I am like many integrated nomads who started in the East and ended up in the West. I was born in Indonesia, grew up with Chinese values, spent 20 adult years in Australia and call Berlin (Germany) home.



Visual Arts
Event Industry
Film & Broadcast
Fashion & Textile