22:37 cultural association

22:37 cultural association

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22:37 is a non-profit association with an artistic and cultural aim.
Founded in February 2009 from the meeting of young curators, artists and cultural operators whose meeting point is mobility.
The network is the main feature, as the work of the association mostly takes place in four cities: Milan, Berlin, Barcelona, Venice and since 2011 in Belgarde.
The purpose is to create projects, to valorise young artists and insiders of the Art world and to offer new opportunities, through specific actions in a transnational contest.
 22:37 believes that the wide vision of cultural horizons offered by the network could be the key point to improve the influence among different languages and actions. This process could lead to new and widen forms of cultural design, out of the institutional devices of the Art system.
The association rises from the deep belief that one of Art’s main purposes is to contribute to break down the clichés and prejudices, encouraging intellectual skills and the expression of different points of view on social issues, through a net connecting different realities.


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