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Vasco Cruz

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My name is Vasco Cruz and I am currently finishing my degree in Design at the Art Design Institute (IADE Creative University) in Lisbon, Portugal . During my studies I had the opportunity to work with several designers(industrial, graphic and fashion designers; curators and architects), Along with my artistic and technical skills, I developed a personal vision towards design and its implementation.

On a professional level, I have collaborated in various some events in the city of Lisbon such as the Moda Lisboa Fashion Week (2010) and the Bienal Design EXD (2011)). During these events I collaborated with and supported international designers. I became an effective communicator, both live and in means of (graphic) designs, with sound planning and organizational capabilities and excellent prioritization.

On a personal level, the past four months I have been was working and writing on what I find interesting when talking about art. I am passionate and moved by, more specifically, Digital Art and its position in the world year 2014. Furthermore, I am triggered, to only name a few of my favorite artists, by Fura dels Baus and their use of unusual settings and blurring of the boundaries between audience and actor, by the mixed media designs of Paul Gilroy and Jean-François Lyotard and his analysis of the impact of postmodernity on the human condition. Also Arthur Danto’s philosophy of art, theories of representation; the unique blend of movement, sound and prominent stage sets of Pina Bausch; the surrealist anti-art of André Breton and the dramatically-different color palettes and camera techniques of Lars Von Trier defend major original ideas I support.

My academic, professional and personal sources of inspiration and goals inspired me to organize, direct and participate in photoshoots whilst building unique fictional and non-fictional stories manipulating the outcome (pictures & video’s) of the various shoots digitally. For me, these personal projects (view following pages for examples) are very new. Ranging from working with professional models, deciding about and the application of make up, the simplification of the picture, the eye for proficient light until the digital work itself, I use my creativity and skills in order to come to genuine projects.
I want to build on what I have discovered from my work and studies and to utilize this knowledge to ground my future work a broader international perspective within the field design. I believe I am ready to embark on a further evolution of my thinking and I am interested in collaborating with/contributing to the work of other artists, initiating new projects or building further on existing (art) work.


May 30, 1991
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