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Guitarist, musician and founder of Yuval Ron & Residents Of The Future, Yuval Ron is one of the most prominent Jazz-Rock guitarists, often fusing different musical elements into a unique style of playing and composing.

Yuval started to play the guitar at age 11. It wasn’t long before he became active as a player, songwriter, leader and sideman in local bands which played a variety of styles in Metal music and Hardcore.

After being exposed to a myriad of artists from the contemporary jazz, progressive rock and metal genres, he decided to take on the route of jazz improvisation and has since gained some unique approaches to jazz and guitar performance. Yet for most Yuval is a self-taught musician, exploring the endless boundaries of his instrument and music as a whole. Later on, he kept expressing much of his musical vision through his band Residents Of The Future, while working on other collaborations and solo projects.

Touring worldwide, Yuval has performed in some of the major Jazz and music festivals and have recorded several albums and live videos with my band. All of his works are freely available on his website, as he believes in the gift of music to be granted to his audience.

Yuval is also a software engineer and tech consultant.

He is a Vegan and an active supporter of animal rights.


Oct. 11, 1980
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