MIND THE BOX - Opening Event

Launching Event on friday, may 7th 2010, 7 pm

Formed in late 2009 Mind the Box is a multi-talented professional collective based in Berlin. Independent designers, artists, simple visionnaires but above all creative thinkers, are here to introduce a next level connection between culture and design.

Having as a base the always-evolving Berlin, through connecting this lively city with major metropolises around the globe, Mind the Box strongly focuses on becoming a cultural patron. The city of Berlin, as a powerful source of creative inspiration, offers the ideal ground for the birth of innovative ideas and the realization of cutting-edge initiatives.

Mind the Box provides the opportunity to enter a new, organic, event dimension: to observe, feel, think and actively share ideas along with designers, artists, publishers and musicians. By promoting upcoming creatives from different fields, Mind the Box mixes cultures and overcomes physical and mental frontiers...


Launching Event  on may 7th 2010, 7 pm at Mind Pirates, Falkensteinstrasse 48, Berlin-Kreuzberg

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