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Special news: Soforthilfe II will be adjusted, shutdown until Monday!

IMPORTANT: The Soforthilfe is paused until Monday, April 6, and will possibly be transferred to a federal program (as of March 30). Follow our news to get new information on how the process is unfolding.

Berlin has already disbursed more than 900 million euros to more than 100,000 corona-damaged companies, freelancers and the self-employed, including a large number of artists.

Now there is to be a transfer to a uniform federal programme from which further billions will flow - the programme processing of Soforthilfe II is therefore paused until Monday, 6 April 2020.

All applications received by the IBB in the system until today, 12:00 noon, will be processed and paid out. All those still waiting in the queue after April 1, 12:00 noon, will retain their position and can then continue to apply in the uniform federal programme from Monday, 10:00 noon.

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